Mountain Musher Dog Sled Rides

Call: 970-653-7877

Operating December through March
(weather & snow permitting)

Trails are just minutes from Vail in Wolcott, Colorado

Mountain Musher Dog Sled Rides

Meet the

Mountain Musher Staff

The Humans

Wally Glass

William (Wally) Glass - owner
From: Walden, Co
Favorite sled dog: Smartie
Pet Dog: Bella; Belgian Malinois

Denise Glass

Denise Glass - owner
From: McCoy, Co
Favorite sled dog: Scampi
Pet dog: Duster; Miniature Australian Shepherd

Bill McKeon

William (Bill) McKeon
From: Platteville, Wisconsin
Favorite sled dog: Chance
Pet dogs: Yogi & Onyx; retired sled dog.

Sarah Bevard

Sarah Bevard
From: Bond, Co
Favorite sled dog: Lotto
Pet dog: Dixxie; rescue dog
Sarah is a part time musher

Cameron Bevard

Cameron Bevard
From: Texas
Favorite sled dog: Quickie
Pet dog: Pepper; Blue heeler, Catahoula mix

Brock Weir

Brock Weir
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Favorite sled dog: Bama

Bevard family

Family Owned and Operated
Next two generations
Bevard family

future  mushers

Future Mushers
From: Kremmling, Colorado
Pet dog: Jackson; Catahoula


The Dogs

People are always asking what kind of dogs do we run? We have Alaskan huskies. What is an Alaskan husky? It is not a pure bred dog but a dog mixed with many types of dogs. Most of all Alaskan huskies have husky in them because huskies have pulled sleds for 2,000 years and have an inate will to pull. Of late mushers have been breeding field trial dogs into the husky for athleticism and short coats. Alaskans don't tend to be real big. Some people say they look thin, mushers say they look racy. Their markings, colors, ears and eyes are all different.

When we first began dogsledding we had Siberian Huskies. Known for being beautiful with thick long fur, mask faces and unforgettable eyes. We loved our Siberians but found they didn't like to work in the spring when it got warm. So over the years we have transitioned into the new dogs.

When you come out to go dogsledding expect to see a mix of dogs. To us each dog is handsome or beautiful. They have good personalities and like to be pet. But most of all they like to run and pull. We do promise we won't use our Miniature Australian Shepard or Sarah's Lhasa Apso.

Below you will meet some of the dogs. They are thankful to Wally for opening up those dog boxes and trucking them home to Colorado.

Gump and Gomer

Gump and Gomer

Polar and Bandit

Polar and Bandit


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